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2004.03 features  
Diaspora . Ohmwrld
Shame File Music (2003) CDR

Diaspora . Ohmwrld . Shame File Music

I  [mp3]

IIII  [mp3]

IIIII  [mp3]

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Shame File Music

Diaspora leverages incredible patience in delivering the moving, breathing electronic tapestry of Ohmwrld. Dynamic sound environments come alive in beautiful, multi-faceted and shifting synthetic complexions, arousing unexpected reflections within an inspired imagination.

Soft, thin white static snow is quietly interlaced in backwards bell drones and pulsing chime clusters (I). A distant amplified horn sings a one-note solo across an oscillating web of ambient hiss and ghostly choir resonance (II). Twitching, scraping stereo noise randomness chatters alien languages along the backbone of a crescendoing electronic ground loop hum (III).

Despite it's thickly electronic nature, and what seems like a carefully planned structure and sequence to the work, Ohmwrld retains a live, improvised feel throughout. There is a deeply ingrained human element here, and unlike many ambient improvisations, there are no dull or dead moments to be found; no sections where the music is lost on unimportant tangents; instead every minute of Ohmworld is wholly engaging and commands attention with each passing radiant sonic detail. Distinctive and mood-changing moments are to found around every corner of this accomplished work.

Mutantum . EXP2
Verato Project/Suggestion Records
(2003) CDR

Mutantum . EXP2 . Verato Project/Suggestion Records

surf the brainwaves  [mp3]

see you in shell  [mp3]

flux influx  [mp3]

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Suggestion Records

Mutantum delivers an atmospheric, emotive journey in EXP2. An expansive, free-floating electronic and guitar noise collage, EXP2 soars in stratospheric clouds of muffled white static, delicate resonances, droning guitar feedback tones and elemental field recordings which are carefully shaped into intriguing and deep-felt meditations.

From the first listen, EXP2 resonates with emotion and feeling; the sounds rise and fall and breathe with a natural sensibility, and it is this intangible depth in the music that continually draws a listener in.

Huge resonant guitar feedback and dark electronic drones washes form a slow and cinematic theme. Reverberations of distant choirs and massive synth chords slowly infuse shifting color and texture, sometimes unfolding into sounds of water, air, fire, rain, ocean. Staticky fragments spatter across the stereo field. The sound is timeless and encompassing.

At some points the guitar emerges in a more concrete, soloistic fashion; while not as effective as other parts of the work, these moments still carry the deep feeling that is pervasive in EXP2. Despite it's simplicity, it's minimalism, it is the emotional response which EXP2 invokes that elevates it into a cohesive and convincing work that should not be missed.

V/A . XII Caesars
Somnambulant Records (2004) CDR

V/A . XII Caesars . Somnambulant Records

Bestia Centauri: Gaius  [mp3]

Axone: Domitian  [mp3]

An unusually effective compilation project that remains consistent and engaging within a strong theme despite having musics from disparate sources. Here the sonic meditations of varied artists come together in a rich and unified vision of the nefarious reigns of Rome's dictators.

Each Caesar's profile is painted in it's own dark electronic soundscape; from the pounding, staticky brutality of Exsanguinate's "Julius Caesar" to the twisted electronic environments of Murderous Vision's "Tiberius", from the shimmering synthetic richness and bending mutations of Bestia Centauri's "Gaius (Caligula)" to the howling, droning desolation of Axone's "Domitian" each work carries it's own personality but contributes to the ultimate portrait, a deep and pensive look into these dark, dramatic figures of human history.

Birchville Cat Motel . With Maples Ablaze
Scarcelight Recordings (2004) CD

Birchville Cat Motel . With Maples Ablaze . Scarcelight Recordings

untitled track 4  [mp3]

untitled track 10  [mp3]

A beautiful and quiet symphony of environmental recordings with droning electronics and assorted guitar, percussion, and radio noises, With Maples Ablaze sketches and strokes a calming and spacious soundtrack of depth and introspection.

The effort of over 2 dozen contributing musicians, Brichville Cat Motel peacefully melds natural sounds with highly processed ambient musics; the effect is like gazing at a slow moving thunderstorm or fields of wind-blown wildflowers through thick, ever-unfocusing glasses. This is a work that impresses at first, and then continually grows on you, as you discover the delicate details that have been etched into the sound with great care.

A unique recording that navigates and fuses sounds of natural beauty with human musical performance and electronic sonorities.

Mammal . Double Nature
SNSE (2003) CD

Mammal . Double Nature . SNSE

Double Nature  [mp3]

I was once fortunate enough to be in possession of some sensory organs called "eardrums". It is probable I lost them during my recent exposure to the hardcore noise onslaught of Mammal's Double Nature.

Delivered with extreme prejudice are blistering, overdriven frequencies shaped into improvisatory noise solos that have direction and purpose, exploring the far extremes of the sonic spectrum. Screeching, piercing ring-modulated tones and saturated, crackling electronics drive sonic nails into a dulled, throbbing headache.

But it's so well done that it's easy to find oneself listening repeatedly . . . willing to endure the pain to discover Double Nature's unmatched levels of sonic intensity.

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