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static signals is a digital hub for unusual music evolutions
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driven by unique visions . . . evoking deep emotional response . . .   brutal.   poignant.   beautiful.

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reviews of uncompromising music which deviates, seeks, engages;
static signals listens to hundreds of artists, and features those works which provoke, disturb, enlighten . . . artists & labels : submit your work

Propergol . Program Vengeance . Malignant Records Propergol . Program Vengeance
Malignant Records (2005) CD

Program Vengeance delivers consuming, shattered environments of electronic darkness. Powerfully shaped, unrelenting, Propergol drives over the edge of hysteria, reveling in unimagined dusks of madness . . . [ mp3's / more ]

Kobi . Dronesyndrome . Silber Records Kobi . Dronesyndrome
Silber Records (2005) CD

Organic, free-flowing, beautiful, Kobi's Dronesyndrome travels amongst meditative moods of calm, interweaving improvisatory dialogues with droning soundscapes. Like a carefully detailed relief map, the sounds glide gracefully over a varied landscape . . . [ mp3's / more ]

Tor Lundvall . Last Light . Strange Fortune Tor Lundvall . Last Light
Strange Fortune (2005) CD

Musician/visual artist Tor Lundvall presents an effective set of shaded songs, saturated with dim, dreaming introspection and deliberate, resonant harmonies . . . [ mp3's / more ]

Your Favorite Horse . Cavalo Blues . Scarcelight Recordings Your Favorite Horse . Cavalo Blues
Scarcelight Recordings (2005) CDR

Your Favorite Horse guitarist/musician Chris Jeely creates something special again in Cavalo Blues, a collection of short songs for acoustic guitar and voice, with the occasional highlight of electronic texture . . . [ mp3's / more ]

Mana Erg . The Blind Watchmaker . Glyptique Mana Erg . The Blind Watchmaker
Glyptique (2004) CD

Mana Erg's The Blind Watchmaker is a shifting series of complex industrial/ebm sequences and fragments: twitching and fluttering electronic noises leading into industrial song, falling suddenly into floating gothic ballads or hyper-sped hip-hop loops or other electronic excursions . . . [ mp3's / more ]

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an interview with Figure . . .  
an interview with Figure
Figure speaks about his latest work When the Alphabet Hides In Your Mouth

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